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  • SensiFeed™

    SensiFeed™ offers vibrant, customizable colorants and odor control agents formulated to help improve field visibility and enhance your brand. For lower usage rates our colorants are ultra-concentrated, in a choice of liquid, powder or granular forms.

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What We Do

Custom Packaging

Packaging solutions as individual as our products.

To make using our products even easier, Sensient® Industrial Colors offers packaging customized to meet each customer’s specific needs. No matter what style, size or delivery mechanism is required, we can create a solution to make using our products easier.

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Regulatory and Safety

Not just meeting, but exceeding regulatory standards.

Our rigorous regulatory compliance support includes internal standards that exceed industry and government regulations for safety and consistency. So our customers can be confident that our colorants are safe for their customers.

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Research and Development

Solutions that exceed expectations. And change industries.

We bring leading-edge technology and expertise to our customers, to create market-defining opportunities and proprietary solutions.Our responsive team of 
experts and industry-evolving science empower us to deliver sensory-enhancing solutions in all industrial colorant markets.

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General Capabilities

Not just custom color experts. Color customer experts.

Our comprehensive understanding of the relationship between color and consumer, combined with our pioneering team of experts and world-class production facilities have earned us a reputation as a partner for solutions customized to create success.

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Our Story

Industries Served

Colorants trusted in industries worldwide.

Sensient Industrial Colors is a division of Technologies Corporation, a leading manufacturer of colors, flavors and extracts trusted in industries worldwide. Learn more about products for the other industries that Sensient serves:


More than 130 years of industry leadership.

During more than a century in business we have evolved from a domestic, commodity-based food ingredient business to a global leader in specialty chemicals of colors, flavors and fragrances, by providing our customers with proprietary technologies and product innovation.

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Global Reach

A color partner with global capabilities.

Sensient® Industrial Colors is part of Sensient® Technologies, a global leader with facilities around the world that produce a broad range of innovative products for many of the world’s best-known consumer and industrial companies.

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