Key Advantages

  • Ready-to-mix color particulates add bursts of color
  • Give user a perception of superior product value and efficacy
  • Available in synthetic, natural and pearlescent colors
  • Can be formulated to minimize color bleed in certain applications
  • Extensive regulatory expertise to meet compliance requirements worldwide


  • Laundry powder & bars
  • Dishwash powder & tablets
  • Swimming pool treatment
  • Septic tank treatment
  • Industrial cleaning powder
  • Cat litter
  • Granular fertilizers
  • Pesticides
Color Inclusions - SensiSpeckles


These iridescent film particulates add color and shine to premium products. Made of 100% food grade ingredients, they are available in a wide range of synthetic and natural colors.





These colorful speckles add a punch of color to many applications. With a similar texture and opacity as cleaning and washing powders, they incorporate easily.


  Spectraflecks SensiSpeckles™
Carrier Gum Arabic Proprietary Blend of Salts
Solubility Water Water
Particle Size 2mm 0.2mm - 2.5mm
Shelf Life 3 years 1 year

Safe for Children and Pets
(When used as directed)