Key Features

Sensient® maintains the largest portfolio of natural colors available in the marketplace. We offer heat, light and acid-stable natural colors across all application segments, in rich shades previously available only in certified colorants.


While natural colors are classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as “exempt from certification,” Sensient's® Certasure™ program lets you rest with peace of mind that your natural colors are safe and free from adulterants. 

  • Complete vendor certification program
  • Full traceability on all raw materials
  • Stringent raw material testing on every batch
  • Fully equipped QC laboratories to ensure product quality and consistency throughout the manufacturing process
  • Testing for pesticides, heavy metals, microbiological issues, adulteration from synthetic dyes, and unauthorized solvent use


  • Livestock and wildlife feed
  • Organic agriculture and turf care
  • Anywhere a natural or clean ingredient list is desired