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We are excited to introduce to you our revamped Color Insights blog. We will be inviting our resident experts in turf and ornamentals, household and industrial cleaners, and agriculture to discuss everyday issues that really matter to you in your everyday business. Read More

The Search For Non-Staining, Bleachable Acid Dyes

Cleaning up color: the search for non-staining, skin and fabric rinsable acid dyes.

Mike Pembery, Technical Manager, Sensient Colors UK Ltd, looks at the color challenges facing manufacturers of household cleaning and fabric care products. Read more

SensiRinse Plus™

SensiRinse Plus™ is a new technological development that uses existing dyes with high color strength to make them water rinsable and non-staining. Read more

Why Color Your Seed?

Many row crop, vegetable, grass and flower seeds are sold with a colored coating on the seed. Colorants are applied to seeds to differentiate between brands, applications, genetic traits, and technology.  Read more