Water tracer dye is a valuable tool for water treatment facilities, as well as for manufacturers of products such as automotive chemicals and household cleaners. No matter the use, water tracer dye has another important responsibility. It must be safe and add no eventual risk to consumers, or to public health. 

For consumers, the assurance of that safety is found in the NSF certification mark—a sign that a product has been independently tested and certified for quality, meeting rigorous standards for public health protection. 

NSF certification is awarded by NSF International (formerly the National Sanitation Foundation), an independent, accredited organization that facilitates the development of standards, as well as the testing and certifying of products and systems, with the goal of protecting and improving global human health. Furthermore, when facility managers need a water tracer dye, the choice of an NSF certified product such as Sensient® Intracid Rhodamine WT delivers the assurance of safety they require. 

Earning NSF certification does not guarantee a product’s continued certified status. Maintaining certification involves regular on-site facility inspections and regular retesting of products to make sure they continue to perform to the standards required. 

Rhodamine WT not only carries the NSF certification mark for the highest safety standards; it is also ANSI 60 certified for Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals. With its unique properties of fluorescence, it is not only an innovative choice; but also a safe choice that customers can make with confidence. 

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