SensiCoat is used in seed coating applications and can provide superior color consistency across a wide range of seed varieties, including row crop, vegetable, grass, forage and botanical seeds. Combining color and additional enhancements allows for SensiCoat to promote a uniform, less dusty coating, further advancing seed flow, appearance and performance.

Key Features

  • Superior color consistency and stability for stronger brand identification.
  • Customer-focused approach to provide customized color formulations.
  • Compliant with the inert ingredient regulations for seed treatment applications required by EPA regulation 40 CFR 180.

  • Consistent Coverage - SensiCoat™ pigment dispersions offer reliable high strength 40 CFR part 180 compliant color milled in Sensient’s St. Louis MO manufacturing facility at a fair price for your seed coating formulation.
  • A water-based seed coating system for superior coating performance.
  • Reliable color consistency to evenly cover any seed.
  • Can be combined with many actives packages, polymers and finishing agents.

  • Extra Coverage - Great for coarse or unevenly-shaped seed types, this proprietary dualcolorant system both coats the surface and penetrates crevices on the surface of seeds.
  • Pigment dispersion with unmatched color strength.
  • Proprietary dual colorant engineering to enhance color depth.
  • Provides superior coverage with less pigment.
  • Available in a full palette of customizable hues.

  • Extra Stability - SensiCoat NG™ offers the next generation of stability. When pigment dispersions are stored in harsh conditions, they can gel. SensiCoat NG™ was specially formulated and tested to provide added stability to your formula.
  • SensiCoat NG™ is engineered to deliver a stable viscosity for easy pouring and pumping.
  • Tested for compatibility with a variety of active ingredients.
  • Compatible in different formulation types, including suspension concentrate (SC) formulations and microemulsion (ME) formulations.
  • Works in wettable powder (WP) formulations, water dispersable granule (WDG) formulations, and suspoemulsion (SE) formulations.


  • Row crop (corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, sorghum, rice)
  • Vegetable seed
  • Grass seed
  • Forage and botanical seeds

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