The SensiPro™ brand of products includes Pond Colorants, Spray Pattern Indicators, and Dual-Purpose Colorants available in liquids, granules, water-soluble bags, and a variety of packaging.

  • Food quality dyes manufactured at Sensient’s USA Food Colors facility
  • When used as directed, safe for people, pets, and wildlife
  • Custom blends, private labeling and package designs available by request

SensiPro™ Pond Colorants

  • Safely transforms pale water to create a natural blue hue, a mirror-like effect or an aqua blue color
  • Improves a pond or lake’s aesthetics, enhances its natural beauty and improves overall health
  • Rapid dispersion technology efficiently colors the water column quickly
  • Treated water may be used for irrigation, aquaculture, and recreational purposes, including swimming and fishing
  • Will not stain or harm waterfowl, fish, or livestock
  • Ideal for use in natural or man-made ponds, lakes, golf courses, reflection pools, farm ponds, fish hatcheries, and aquascapes

SensiPro™ Spray Pattern Indicators

  • Temporary dye formulation signals unsightly skips and costly overlaps, while helping to minimize drift
  • Inert and will not react with today’s actives, fertilizers, and common tank mix products
  • Can be used with all standard spray equipment and aids in identifying clogged nozzles
  • Available in a variety of colors:
    • SensiPro™ Blue High-Concentrate Liquid and Granule
    • SensiPro™ Blue Liquid
    • SensiPro™ Green Liquid and Granule
    • SensiPro™ Red Liquid and Granule
  • Use on golf courses, sports fields, and other professionally maintained turf
  • Suitable for industrial vegetation management and forestry applications

Delivery and Packaging Options

SensiPro™ Pourable Granules offer up to three times the strength of traditional liquids and powders, plus no-mess pouring and measuring

  • Proprietary formulation technology allows granules to break water surface tension immediately and disperse instantly
  • Low-dust granules eliminate surface clumps and streaks associated with powdered products
  • Lightweight, freeze-resistant, easy to pour and measure 
  • Spills are no problem – just sweep up the granules
  • Available in pourable gallon and quart sized bottles with retail-ready labeling optional

SensiPro™ Solupacks™ and Hi-Power Blue™ Water Soluble Bags

  • Water-soluble bags require no measuring - just toss it in and go
  • Colorant packed in a water-soluble film that dissolves in water
  • Custom-weighed to meet specific pond and pattern indicator needs
  • Available in bulk or retail-ready tubs

SensiPro™ Tilt-N-Pour Bottles

  • Provide measuring built into each bottle, so there's no need for a separate measuring method
  • Robust bottle construction stands up to roughest shipping conditions