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Sensient Food Colors

A leading global manufacturer of botanical food colors, combining scientific knowledge with sophisticated research to deliver high-performing color solutions that enhance brand value. Tailored to any market segment, Sensient’s comprehensive portfolio of colors from natural sources provides clean ingredient advantages and excellent visual appeal to many of the world’s favorite brands.  

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Sensient Industrial Colors

Sensient Industrial Colors is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of colorants for use in household and industrial cleaners, specialist coatings and agriculture product applications.

Sensient Pharmaceutical

Sensient Pharmaceutical is the single source for coating, coloring, flavor and imprint ink excipient solutions that define and protect world-leading brands.

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Sensient Inks

Sensient Inks is a leading pioneer in the field of inkjet printing. Through years of vast experience and knowledge within the digital printing industry, the Sensient product range of digital inks exemplifies excellence.

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies is recognized as a leading supplier of high-performance colorants and innovative ingredients. We are committed to developing, producing and marketing high-quality ingredients and colorants to the cosmetics industry, providing cosmetic companies around the globe with a nearly infinite range of products.