It is nearly impossible to construct any 2021 trend, including color trends, without looking through the prism of 2020. In the past year, the COVID-19 global pandemic disrupted life as we knew it. As the number of COVID-19 cases increased daily across the globe so did consumers’ levels of stress and feelings of social isolation. Chaos erupted across businesses, medical institutions, and government affairs—not one region went untouched. From cheering on our everyday heroes to mourning lost loved ones and friends, the ups and downs of 2020 had consumers anxiously awaiting a new dawn.

As the rising orange sun warms the globe on the New Year, consumer outlook progresses to a sense of renewal and optimism, as they seek out packaged goods to help naturally recharge their mind, body, and soul from the prior year. Sensient Colors 2021 Color of the Year, Rising Orange, takes refuge in nature and symbolizes the shade of a new day, weathered by the past, but optimistically rising bright for restoration.

Consumers will be seeking wellness for their mind, body and soul. Products that offer a natural reconnection to recharge and renew and satisfy an emotional craving for a fresh start will find consumer favor.

For the home care segment, Sensient has developed product concepts for 2021 that stimulate optimism, comfort and escape, while also reflecting consumer’s increasing preference for natural ingredients, water-free products and plastic-free packaging.

1.    Restore Energy and Sense of Wellbeing 

Energizing and optimistic products that boost mood and a sense of wellness will be the prescription for 2021. Innovative, plastic- and water-free product forms cater to consumers' desire to heal both themselves and the planet.

Citrus Breeze Dish Soap Bar

Citrus Breeze Dish Soap Bar
Bar soaps are growing in popularity with eco-conscious consumers in many categories, from shampoo to dish soap, because they offer low-waste zero-plastic packaging. With notes of starfruit, clementine and ozone, and a rising orange color achieved with Sensient’s Pigment Orange Dispersion, dishwashing will feel like a stroll through a citrus grove. Request a sample of Rising Orange Pigment Dispersion for bar soaps. 

Bright Morning Laundry Detergent Sheets

These water-free laundry detergent strips offer plastic-free packaging and all the convenience of laundry pods. The uplifting natural color enhances the perception of the fragrant juicy grapefruit, mandarin and fresh air notes.  Request a sample of a natural color for your formula. 

2.    Escape to Nature

Escapist, nature-inspired concepts will gain favor in the homecare space in 2021.  These products turn everyday homecare chores into immersive experiences that carry the user’s senses to faraway places and generate a sense of renewal.

Lily and Sea Air Fabric Softener
This premium fabric softener makes folding linens feel like a walk on the beach at daybreak. Infused with botanical marine extracts and bursting with notes of lily, bergamot, sea salt & marine air, you can almost feel the sand between your toes. SensiRinse FS Orange, formulated for use with cationic surfactants, lends a pale Rising Orange hue.

Island Sunrise Dish Wash Liquid

With scents of damiana flower, blood orange, and papaya, washing dishes becomes a tropical getaway. This formula cares for your skin with a touch of Natpure® Xtra Integrity Guayusa Leaf Extract to support skin barrier integrity and combat inflammation. Use SensiForce Orange to achieve the rising orange color at a low usage rate.

3.    Soothe with Relaxed Luxury

Consumers will seek soothing products to calm mood and recall a sense of harmony. Familiar and warming scents offer comfort, luxury and restoration in the home.

Glowing Embers Tumbler Candle

This flame-hued candle in amber glass offers the comfort of the hearth on a cool evening. Notes of smoked cedar, nutmeg and ozone fill the home with luxurious warmth. Oil-soluble D&C Yellow 11 and D&C Red 17 provide a translucent Rising Orange color to the candle.

Warm Vanilla & Ginger Laundry Detergent

This tempting laundry detergent will evoke sweet, fresh-baked memories of home. With warm ginger, vanilla, and sandalwood notes, this lends tranquility to fabric-care routines. Use SensiRinse Orange colorant to achieve the warm orange color and ensure fabric rinsability.


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